Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bhubaneswar - Not just the city of temples.

For everyone who has not been to this city, let me break the notion of it just being a city of temples. It is not just a GK question's answer, Its much more, one of the planned cities, a forte less known in India. The city is a secular hub, built at the dawn of freedom, it comprised of just six units, mostly with structures that could run a state, but it has grown into a city where each one of us can find his/her identity.

"Its been 84 years and I can still smell the fresh paint!" Yeah its a romantic affair, and I'm not shy about it, but the city makes you fall in love with it. My stay in bhubaneswar has been sporadic, I was here in my early days of school, made friends and moved to different towns in the ever so beautiful Orissa (its not Odisha for me). Then came back with vigor and nostalgia, went to the same school, and there was a pompous reception, all my friends came running to me, took me up on their shoulders and did a victory run. Well not literally, but I felt it that way :) since then its been seven years and I can still smell the fresh books, the pages had never been turned, my school was called the school of dreams and it was, it really was! (Too much titanic eh? I am in a nostalgia mood, and its the best movie that runs in flashback, puh-lease don't think about 'memento')

From school, to college, to graduation, the journey has had its ups and downs, but the city stayed where it was, always welcoming, comforting, alluring, it always had places where i could sit reconcile in hard times, lionize in happy ones. The street food in bapuji nagar, to sumptuous buffets at the elite hotels, the city has it all. A couple of friends at home, sit back relax, let the world revolve and let a new day rise.

The streets, the food, the points on the road u will never forget, cause there stood the guy with his cycle and two big handis whose 'dahi bara aloo dum' you loved. I am sure people who have lived will agree with me on this, they will never stop complaining about how there are so few places to go, but everytime they are on a vacation, these words would have come to their lips 'Bhubaneswar jaisa jagah aur kahin nahi hai'. I now live in Mumbai, but its another chapter, will tell about it some other day.

Ever growing, this city brings you calm and peace inspite of the hustle that goes just meters from your home. Evening breeze, terrace encounters with cloudy skies make a mark in your memory, swings (if you are lucky enough to have them) will be a blessing in the early mornings, read the newspaper, and listen to "macha neba machaaa" :P as the road mongers create pecuilar sounds.

I miss this place, its a city you wont forget. Its an identity you will never loose. So long, for all the thoughts, will make this city proud someday.