Tuesday, August 28, 2012


A day spent in reliving the past Dholavira.

4500 year old Harrapan Site, it doesn't leave much to explain, does it? It does, the thought of civilizations, cultures evolving on the very soil that you are standing will give you goose bumps, if not anything else.

Spread over 250 acres, I could only look over the major location where the castle stood, stones carved to perfection, and drainage system more advanced than present day conditions in our localities, apart from that, this site, the 5th largest in India, boasts the oldest signboard ever made, imagine those cheeky "his/her" toiletries evolving from this :P jokes apart for the serious Sherlock's, the writings have not yet been understood, it's up for grabs, go one try your luck in deciphering what this stands for, who knows you might be the next Indiana Jones who is actually from India.

A well, separate tanks for taking water to drink and water to bathe, they controlled the flow of water from the river that surrounded to the 7 separate tanks, in an ingenious pattern(well everything back then was ingenious), after a tank would fill up, the flow of water would shift to another tank, automatically, through the drainage systems.
I could fit into one of the tunnels that took water from one tank to the other :P
Most of the area is yet to be dug and look into but whatever has come up, has given waves of new information about how people lived in the era beyond this materialistic pandemonium.
Its better felt, than read.

Papa had his try at archaeological surveying and found this tiny speck of copper, which may be the archaeologists could not find, or thought its of least importance, it was a win win for us, who knows where this would have been used, maybe used in making spears that tore game in their heart, or a part of the most ancient ornaments that mystique women would adore . Whatever it may have been, I can proudly say that I carry a part of the 4500 year old Harrapan civilization in my purse :)

For people who love imagination and can connect the dots, it's a place to, imagine a life without gtalk, or blogspot, for that matter a life where everything is what you want it to be, where you could put the stones on 
the pavement to future, maybe we all got it from there, maybe they wrote it for us.

All you can do is imagine, and it is the fun part :)

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